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Claims Substantiation brings together Leatherhead's Regulatory, Nutrition and Sensory, Consumer & Market Insight experts to offer a comprehensive overview of the different types of claims made about food and other FMCG and how to go about substantiating them.


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Managing your product portfolio can be risky, disjointed and time consuming.  We want to change that.  Bringing together a distinctive combination of science, technology and industry expertise, we’ve created a market leading, end-to-end service.

For you it means improved speed to market, less internal disruption and better returns on your R&D investment.  For us it’s a step change in the way our sector innovates

Combatting food fraud with intelligent due diligence

Guidelines that came into effect on 1 February mean food industry professionals face possible custodial sentences for actions deemed to have caused harm or risk of harm to consumers. The majority of food industry suppliers operate with integrity. However, it is acknowledged that fraud is escalating globally and organised food crime is reported to be on the rise.

Read the feature article by Tony Hines and Luke Murphy which recommends that senior industry professionals make it their business to drive due diligence regimes and fraud mitigation strategies.