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Taking Control of Listeria
New Evidence and Approaches for the Control of Listeria monocytogenes: our new one day conference focused on the prevention of future outbreaks of Listeria.

New Evidence and Approaches for Control of Listeria Monocytogenes -  28 April


Leatherhead launches multi-species test for meat adulteration

Leatherhead Food Research has developed a new multi-species test that allows for the detection of unknown and unsuspected cases of adulteration or mislabelling of meat products. This means that a single test can now be used to immediately detect the presence of any meat adulterant or contaminant that could be present.

'Shelf life savviness' will aid food waste reduction

Shelf Life Services

It is estimated that UK households waste around 19% of the food they bring into the home. Some of this wastage could be avoided with more precise shelf life determination. In a bid to help the industry enhance shelf life accuracy, Leatherhead has published a free White Paper with advice on how to navigate this evolving field.