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    Applications of Fluidization in Food Processing (Wiley-Blackwell)

    Author: Smith Published: June 2007

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    Fluidization is a technique that enables solid particles to take on some of the properties of a fluid. Despite being very widely used within the food processing industry, understanding of this important technique is often limited. This important and thorough book, written by Peter Smith, who has many years' experience teaching and researching in food processing, is an essential tool and reference for food scientists and technologists, and engineers working within the food industry. Libraries, and research and development groups within all universities and research establishments where food science, food studies, food technology, physics and engineering are studied and taught should have copies of this useful book.


    • Core information for food industry personnel
    • Covers theory and applications for a wide range of uses
    • Written by an experienced teacher of food technology
    • A vital tool to aid successful operation of fluidization systems


    Dr Peter Smith, University of Lincoln, UK


    Part 1: Fundamentals of fluidization
    Chapter 1: A description of fluidized bed behaviour
    Chapter 2: Characteristics of aggregative fluidization Part 2: Applications
    Chapter 3: Freezing
    Chapter 4: Drying
    Chapter 5: Granulation
    Chapter 6: Gas-solid fluidized bed fermentation
    Chapter 7: Other applications of fluidization

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