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    Bakery Food Manufacture and Quality: Water Control and Effects, 2nd Edition (Wiley-Blackwell)

    Author: Stanley P Cauvain, Linda S Young Published: August 2008

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    Water is the major contributor to the eating and keeping qualities and structure of baked products. Its management and control during preparation, processing, baking, cooling and storage is essential for the optimisation of product quality. This successful and highly practical volume describes in detail the role and control of water in the formation of cake batters, bread, pastry and biscuit doughs, their subsequent processing and the baked product.

    Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, the book has been expanded and developed through the inclusion of new information and references related to the formation and processing of batters and dough into baked products. The new edition includes a selection of case studies based on practical experience in the manufacture and optimisation of baked products. Each case study, illustrated as appropriate, considers the various roles that water may play in different manufacturing contexts. The book is aimed at food scientists and technologists in bakery companies; ingredient suppliers; flour millers; researchers and students in academic food science departments.


    • Highly practical - ideal for food technologists new to the industry, or as a reference source for experienced professionals
    • Emphasis on shelf-life, organoleptic quality control, and determination of water activity and availability
    • Includes a series of case studies which provide practical examples of various industry scenarios


    With a combined experience of 65 years in the baking industry with commercial and research companies, Stan Cauvain and Linda Young are recognised international experts in the science and technology of baked products. They are now Directors and Vice Presidents of the consultancy company BakeTran; Stanley with responsibility for Research and Development and Linda for Knowledge Systemization and Training.


    Preface to the second edition

    Preface to the first edition

    1. Water and its roles in baked products

    2. The role of water in the formation and processing of bread doughs

    3. The role of water in the formation and processing of batters, biscuit and cookie doughs, and pastes

    4. The contribution of water during processing, baking, cooling and freezing

    5. Effects of water on product textural properties and their changes during storage

    6. Water activity

    7. Moisture migration and its control in composite products

    8. Methods of determining moisture content and water activity

    9. Strategies for extending bakery product shelf-life




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