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SenseReach™ launch Press Release

27 April 2011

Leatherhead Food Research (Leatherhead) has unveiled a new research tool that will give clients across the food and  non-food sectors access to instant consumer insight.

SenseReach has been developed to meet client needs in consumer testing within the marketplace. The new technology behind SenseReach™ enables Leatherhead to reach out and trial products with consumers any time, any place, anywhere, whilst remaining scientifically accurate.

Leatherhead's extensive consumer database grows daily across the globe, providing clients with access to a diverse range of demographic opinions at the touch of a button. Cindy Beeren, Head of Sensory & Consumer Science at Leatherhead believes that this new tool will advance the consumer testing processes for companies around the world.

Cindy said: “We are providing our clients with the opportunity to carry out in-depth and targeted consumer awareness studies using state of the art technology and programmes. Using this new service, the results can be delivered to our client's desktops as soon as the research has been completed.”

Leatherhead has been running consumer testing projects for many years, completing thousands of tests each year.

Cindy continued: “We work hard with our clients to ensure that their objectives are met, this determines if home testing or on site testing is more appropriate. We also offer clients a tailored approach to help deliver the most effective results.”

The Sensory & Consumer Science team at Leatherhead has experienced consistent growth and Cindy Beeren is expecting this continue with the launch of SenseReach™. The 25 strong multi-lingual team currently includes experts in food science, statistics, psychology and market research. Cindy concluded: “The launch of SenseReach™ allows us to develop and build on our already extensive research capabilities.”

For further information about SenseReach™ go to: and for further information on Leatherhead's Sensory & Consumer Services, please contact:Cindy Beeren, Head of Sensory & Consumer Science on  +44 (0)1372 822327 or

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