Food Preservation

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We employ a multi-disciplinary, concept-to-market approach (Regulatory/Process Optimisation/Sensory) to investigate the microbiological safety of raw and processed foods, and the methods and processes used to control pathogens and spoilage micro-organisms, in a wide variety of foodstuffs. 

Leatherhead is able to carry out systematic reviews and real time evaluations of the efficacy, applicability and appropriateness of different groups of antimicrobial compounds (e.g. bacteriocins, lactoferrins, lactates, plant extracts, e.t.c.) on a laboratory and pilot plant scale, advice you on their regulatory status, their labelling implications and impact on the sensory properties of your products.

We are also exploring plant and marine ingredients as alternative sources of food preservatives and have established collaborations and partnerships with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK and Aquapharm Biodiscovery, Scotland, UK. 

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