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    Future Directions for the Global Functional Foods Market

    Author: Leatherhead Food Research Published: June 2011

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    Growth in parts of the global functional foods market now appears to be slowing, due to factors such as the economic recession and the fact that various authorities have started to impose limits upon the health claims made by such food and drinks. Nevertheless, levels of new product activity remain reasonably high, and health trends observed throughout the developed world (such as rising obesity rates) suggest that the market potential for many types of functional foods remains positive.

    Future Directions for the Global Functional Foods Market updates Leatherhead’s ongoing research of the functional food market, and the 'Future Directions for Functional Foods' 2010 market report. This new report reviews sales of functional foods in the world’s key markets in areas such as anti-ageing and heart, gut and bone health, as well as discussing consumer attitudes. The report also discusses recent regulatory developments, industry structure and trends in new product activity.

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    • Overview of the global functional foods market
    • Analysis of consumer attitudes towards functional foods and beverages
    • Analysis of the industry’s major players and their brands
    • Review of recent new product activity
    • Discussion of future strategic directions

    Helping you to

    • Analyse the dynamics of the global functional foods industry
    • Assess consumer perceptions of functional foods
    • Understand trends in new product activity
    • Gain insights into future industry directions

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    Leatherhead Food Research


    The report contains an overview of the global functional foods market, with information presented for the following major countries:

    • UK
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • US
    • Japan
    • Australia

    The report focuses upon a number of different product sectors, major examples of which include bakery goods, dairy products, confectionery, cereal products, snacks, fats and oils, soya products and soft drinks. The report then analyses the global market broken down by the following health outcomes:

    • Anti-ageing
    • Bone health
    • Energy/mood enhancing
    • Gut health
    • Heart/cardiovascular health
    • Immune function
    • Weight management

    Also included in the report is a discussion of global health and socio-demographic patterns, as well as an analysis of the major industry suppliers and recent new product activity, an update of latest regulatory developments and the results of a UK survey into consumer attitudes exclusive to Leatherhead Food Research.

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