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    Chocolate Confectionery Production


    Explore the world of chocolate confectionery with this year’s Chocolate Confectionery Production training course. Presentations will be given by industry experts who have many years of confectionery experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to troubleshooting and fault-finding; they are enthusiastic about training the next generation of chocolatiers. By attending the course you will gain knowledge about the production, ingredients and handling of chocolate. Day 2 of the course will conclude with a tour of Sir Hans Sloane chocolate studio.

    Due to the emphasis on hands-on tuition in the practical sessions, places on this course are limited.

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    Who should attend?

    • Those involved in the production of chocolate confectionery
    • Development Technologists
    • Process Engineers
    • Newcomers to the industry
    • Ideal for those who are already working in the confectionery production area and are interested in the complexities of multi-component systems

    From this course you will

    • Understand how different chocolate products are made
    • Learn about the influence of chocolate ingredients on product characteristics
    • Understand the polymorphic forms of cocoa butter and which is best
    • Discover how to control the bloom of chocolate
    • Understand how the choice of centres affects the bloom of chocolate
    • Establish the factors of formulation changes in chocolate
    • Take part in practical workshops to temper chocolate using different techniques
    • Gain experience in using Leatherhead’s small-scale manufacturing and quality assessment equipment with on-hand assistance from the experts
    • Learn about the importance of viscosity yield and flow properties of chocolate and compounds
    • Develop your skills for producing the correct temper of chocolate
    • Establish the correct enrobing setting and parameters to use to achieve the correct level of pick-up, pre-bottoming and blowing required


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    Explores the world of chocolate confectionery, focusing on the properties and issues relating to the handling and use of chocolate to help you get the best from your development work.



    2014 Programme - New 2-day 2015 Programme Available Soon

    Day 1

    08.45 Registration and Refreshments
    09.15 Welcome and Introductions
    Steve Osborn, Business Innovation Manager, Leatherhead Food Research
    09.30 Cocoa from Farm to Factory
    Melanie Reynolds, Product Services and Development Manager, ADM Cocoa UK Ltd

    Describes the methods used for the production of cocoa liquor from beans, the growing regions of cocoa trees, harvesting, fermentation, drying and processing. Cocoa powders used in coatings will also be covered in brief.
    10.15 Dairy Ingredients
    Steve Osborn, Business Innovation Manager, Leatherhead Food Research

    Covers the different milk ingredients used in chocolate and how the ingredient properties are important for the processing and sensory quality of chocolate.
    10.55 Refreshments
    11.15 Refining and Conching
    Dave Cruickshank, Consultant, Dave Cruickshank Associates

    Learn about refining and conching, the importance of each process and the critical parameters that need to be controlled.
    12.00 Legislation
    Dijana Mitic, Regulatory Advisor, Leatherhead Food Research

    Legislation is always something to consider in any development process; you will be taught the basics.
    12.45  Lunch
    13.40 Chocolate Recipes and Flavouring
    Naomi Baker, Product Services, and Development Technologist, ADM Cocoa UK Ltd

    Learn how ingredients can affect the flavour of the final product. You will also have the option to taste a range of chocolates.
    14.25 Troubleshooting Bloom Chocolate Problems Using Microscopy
    Kathy Groves, Microscopy Consultant, Leatherhead Food Research

    Learn how microscopy can be used to troubleshoot chocolate problems.
    15.10  Refreshments
    15.30 Practical Session 1 – Particle Size, Viscosity Measurement and Microscopy
    James Spinks, Microscopist, Leatherhead Food Research
    Marina Andres-Brull, Senior Research Scientist, Leatherhead Food Research
    Annie Teoh, Principal Research Scientist, Leatherhead Food Research
    Barry Ridley, Product Manager - RS Rheometer & Powder Flow Testers, Brookfield Viscometers Limited
    Dave Cruickshank, Consultant, Dave Cruickshank Associates

    A chance to learn measurement techniques for chocolate properties. Also take a closer look at chocolate under the microscope.
    16.30 Discussion of Practical Session
    16.50 Close

    Day 2

    08.30 Registration and Refreshments   
    09.00 Cocoa Butter and Chocolate Tempering
    Kevin W Smith, Consultant, Fat Science Consulting Ltd

    The cocoa butter in chocolate can crystallise into six different crystal forms. Chocolate needs to be tempered to get the fat into the correct crystal form, which results in the chocolate having better gloss, contraction and shelf life. Methods of tempering will be described, as well as how to measure the temper of your chocolate.

    Emulsifiers and Flow Properties of Chocolate
    Awaiting speaker confirmation

    Understand the importance of flow characteristics for the production of different chocolate products and how emulsifiers affect the flow properties. Learn how to measure chocolate viscosity and important factors to control during measurement.

    10.45 Refreshments
    11.00 Countline Production
    Dave Cruickshank, Consultant, Dave Cruickshank Associates

    Covers production of countline products with particular emphasis on recipe considerations in formulating multi-component products to minimise stability problems such as moisture and fat migration. Manufacturing options and typical steps used for different countline production will also be covered.
    11.45 Cooling and Handling of Chocolate
    Kevin W Smith, Consultant, Fat Science Consulting Ltd

    Describes the importance of the correct handling of chocolate, such as humidity and temperature.
    12.30 Lunch
    13.15 Sensory Assessment of Chocolate Products
    Antoine Goupil de Bouille, Senior Sensory Scientist, Leatherhead Food Research
    14.00 Tour of Chocolate Production – Sir Hans Sloane, Chocolatier
    • Tour
    • Demonstration
    • Product Tasting
    • Questions and Answers
    Delegates will be coached to the facilities and brought back to Leatherhead.
    16.30 Close

    Day 3

    08.30 Registration and Refreshments
    09.00 Vegetable Fats for Chocolate and Coatings
    Geoff Talbot, The Fat Consultant

    Vegetable fats used in chocolate and coatings fall into three main groups – cocoa butter equivalents, cocoa butter replacers and cocoa butter substitutes. The differences between these groups will be explained.
    09.45 Chocolate Panning
    Nick Hewitt, Managing Director, Capol (UK) Ltd

    The art and science of chocolate panning including: preparation of centres; production method for chocolate coating, polishing and sealing.
    10.15 Enrobing Principles
    Geoff Talbot, The Fat Consultant

    Understand the importance of chocolate characteristics on enrobing quality and how the enrober components are used to achieve complete coating of centres.
    11.00 Refreshments
    11.15 Fat and Moisture Migration and Shelf Life
    Geoff Talbot, The Fat Consultant

    The design of the product is critical in minimising shelf-life problems such as fat and moisture migration between components and on the formation of bloom. Each of these issues will be discussed and ways suggested for minimising the problems.
    12.00 Microbial Issues Concerning Chocolate
    Dr Peter Wareing, Principal Food Safety Advisor, Leatherhead Food Research

    Microbiological aspects of chocolate production are discussed, from initial fermentation, through to roasting, conching and packing. Spoilage and food safety aspects will be reviewed. Some typical case histories of food poisoning outbreaks will be outlined, together with their implications.
    12.45 Lunch

    Practical Session – Chocolate Tempering, Shell Moulding, Enrobing and Panning
    Persis Subramaniam, Team Leader - Product Development, Leatherhead Food Research
    Kathy Groves, Consultant Microscopist, Leatherhead Food Research
    Annie Teoh, Principal Scientist, Leatherhead Food Research
    Geoff Talbot, The Fat Consultant
    Nick Hewitt, Managing Director, Capol (UK) Ltd

    A chance to get hands-on with chocolate, watch a demonstration of hand tempering and then have a go yourself at tempering, coating, moulding and panning. Use the enrober and change the settings to achieve that perfect cover.

    Participants may send samples or submit questions for the practical sessions. Please contact Persis Subramaniam in advance with your questions, E:

    15.00 Refreshments
    15.15 Global Trends in Chocolate Products
    Mia Naprta, Market Analyst, Leatherhead Food Research

    Keep up to date with the current trends surrounding chocolate confectionery. 
    16.00 Close

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      Leatherhead Food Research, Leatherhead, Surrey, UK from 25/11/2015 to 26/11/2015

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