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    Food & Beverage Flavour Trends in Western Europe

    Author: Leatherhead Food Research Published: November 2009

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    For both food and drink fads and in more established trends, one message that consumers clearly state to manufacturers is “great taste!” Well-targeted flavour innovation is therefore a crucial part in successful new product launches. Moreover, flavours have traditionally been used in the industry to drive sales, and indeed today’s more sophisticated consumers actively look for new flavour experiences from the products they buy.

    Trends in flavours also tend to reflect other major trends in food and drink. For example, the trend for naturally healthy foods and the rise in use of antioxidant-rich fruits such as blueberries and pomegranate, or the trend for better-for-you indulgence and the growth in dark chocolate applications. Using the right flavour ingredient can reinforce a product’s positioning ahead of competitors’ offerings, delivering on what consumers demand.

    Leatherhead Food Research’s report Food & Beverage Flavour Trends in Western Europe presents information on the most popular flavours in 21 product categories, including soft drinks, dairy products, confectionery, sandwiches, and bakery goods; alongside market size figures and trends analysis. The report also offers valuable information on the latest innovation in flavours in the 21 food categories through overviews of recent new product launches across Western Europe. The report is an excellent source of inspiration for product launches, and also a tool on spotting market opportunities.



    Key Features:

    • Analyses market sizes and trends in 21 food and drink categories: for every category there is an estimate of value and volume sales
    • Identifies major companies and brands operating in this sector and their recent innovation in flavours in main markets
    • Reviews product developments in recent years and explores likely future trends
    • Provides information on the market and the key players in the flavour compounds industry

    Helping You To:

    • Understand the markets and their place within the bigger picture
    • Monitor competitor activity
    • Monitor trends in food and drink flavours across a wide range of product categories
    • Pinpoint areas of opportunity for further development


    Leatherhead Food Research


    The report covers the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with selected information for Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Nordic countries.

    2.1 Key Growth Factors
    2.2 The Flavours and Flavourings Market
    2.3 End-user Markets
    2.4 Industry Dynamics
    2.5 Innovative Flavours

    3.1 Flavours and Flavourings
    3.2 End-user Markets

    4.1 Market Size and Segmentation
    4.2 Industry Supply
    4.3 Innovation trends and prospects

    5.1 Overview
    5.2 Market Size and Segmentation
    5.2.1 UK
    5.2.2 France
    5.2.3 Germany
    5.2.4 Italy
    5.2.5 Spain
    5.2.6 Others
    5.3 Competitor Analysis
    5.4 New Product Activity
    5.4.1 Yoghurts & Chilled Desserts
    5.4.2 Ice Cream
    5.4.3 Cheese

    6.1 Overview 
    6.2 Market Size and Segmentation
    6.2.1 UK 
    6.2.2 France 
    6.2.3 Germany 
    6.2.4 Others 
    6.3 Competitor Analysis 
    6.4 New Product Activity 
    6.4.1 Bread
    6.4.2 Prepared Sandwiches
    6.4.3 Biscuits
    6.4.4 Cereal Bars

    7.1 Overview 
    7.2 Market Size and Segmentation 
    7.2.1 UK 
    7.2.2 France 
    7.2.3 Germany 
    7.2.4 Italy 
    7.2.5 Spain 
    7.2.6 Others 
    7.3 Competitor Analysis  
    7.4 New Product Activity
    8.1 Overview 
    8.2 Market Size and Segmentation 
    8.2.1 UK 
    8.2.2 France 
    8.2.3 Germany 
    8.2.4 Italy 
    8.2.5 Spain 
    8.2.6 Others 
    8.3 Competitor Analysis 
    8.4 New Product Activity 
    8.4.1 Chocolate Confectionery 
    8.4.2 Sugar Confectionery 
    8.4.3 Chewing Gum 

    9.1 Overview 
    9.2 Market Size and Segmentation 
    9.2.1 UK 
    9.2.2 France 
    9.2.3 Germany 
    9.2.4 Italy 
    9.2.5 Spain 
    9.2.6 Others 
    9.3 Competitor Analysis 
    9.4 New Product Activity 
    9.4.1 Ready Meals 
    9.4.2 Pizza 
    9.4.3 Soups 
    9.4.4 Sauces 

    10.1 Overview 
    10.2 Market Size and Segmentation 
    10.2.1 UK 
    10.2.2 France 
    10.2.3 Germany 
    10.2.4 Italy 
    10.2.5 Spain 
    10.2.6 Others 
    10.3 Competitor Analysis
    10.4 New Product Activity 
    10.4.1 Carbonated Soft Drinks
    10.4.2 Fruit Juices & Drinks 
    10.4.3 Flavoured Waters 
    10.4.4 Dairy Drinks
    10.4.5 Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages (FABs)

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