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As an industry leader, Leatherhead works across the food and beverage sectors, conducting pre-competitive research projects within the membership programme. Every year, as a member you not only get an opportunity to suggest research themes for projects that add value to your business, you also have free access to the full project reports from previous years. Many of our members benefit from further applying and extending these findings to their own products saving thousands in R&D spend.


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Current Research Projects

  • Influence of Food Structure on Texture & Sensory

    This project aims to provide an understanding of how the structure of solid food matrices influence the breakdown of products in the mouth and how this then affects the sensory characteristics, in particular the release of flavour during eating.

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  • A Systematic Review of Norovirus Survival on Foods and Food Contact Surfaces

    This project will use a systematic review approach to identify, screen, evaluate and select data from peer-reviewed published literature regarding the survival of noroviruses both in the environment and on/in foods and food contact surfaces.

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  • Survival of Food-Borne Pathogens in a Selection of Low-moisture Foods

    The main objective of this research is to determine survival and obtain consistent heat inactivation data on pathogens in low-moisture foods and ingredients.

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Past Research Projects

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