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    Introduction to Flavourings and their Applications


    The British Society of Flavourists

    Held in collaboration with the British Society of Flavourists, an Introduction to Flavourings and their Applications will give delegates a thorough grounding in the basics of flavour composition, legislation and application, as well as a good understanding of the sensory evaluation testing needed to measure hedonic response to flavour.

    With presentations covering flavouring categories such as dairy, sweet, savoury, meat, botanicals, acids and bakery, delegates will truly come away with a wealth of knowledge in this ever-developing spectrum.

    Experienced speakers will give talks, explore practical examples and conduct workshops, giving delegates the chance to take part in several practical sessions exploring flavourings' development and evaluation.

    Members of the British Society of Flavourists are entitled to a 10% discount. Please contact our Training Team, for more details.


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    Who should attend

    This course is ideal for R&D staff from the food manufacturing, flavour and retail sectors, and those involved in the marketing of food products.

    • Product Technologists
    • Trainee Flavourists
    • Innovation Scientists
    • Technical Managers
    • Sensory Analysts
    • Application Technologists
    • Junior Flavour Chemists

    From this course you will

    • Learn about the main types of flavourings and their creation
    • Explore the different flavouring applications
    • Discover how to measure their sensory characteristics
    • Use all of your senses to make the most of the many samples used in the lectures and practical sessions
    • Network with ingredient and product manufacturers from across Europe


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    Held in collaboration with the British Society of Flavourists, this course is intended to give a good grounding in the basics of flavourings composition, legislation, application and sensory evaluation.



    Day 1

    08.30 Registration and Refreshments
    09.00 Welcome to the Course
    David Jackson, Research Manager – Sensory, Consumer & Market Insight Manager, Leatherhead Food Research
    09.15 An Introduction to Flavourings and the Flavour Industry
    Brian Grainger, President British Society of Flavourists, formerly Vice President, Flavor Creation, International Flavors and Fragrances North America

    This presentation will introduce you to the world of flavourings, the flavour industry and an insight into how flavourists work with the customer.
    09.40 Overview of Legislation on Flavours
    Bianca Gascoyne, Principal Regulatory Advisor, Leatherhead Food Research

    This presentation will keep you up to date with current flavour regulations and will unpick the content of various legislation making it easy for you to understand. This will include definitions of flavours, flavouring categories, labelling requirements and restrictions of use.
    10.30 Refreshments
    10.50 The Basics: Extracts, Tinctures and Essential Oils
    John Forbes, Global Technical Support Manager, R C Treatt & Co Ltd

    The origins of ingredients, their growth and climatic conditions in relation to their flavour composition will be discussed. Techniques used by the flavour extraction industry, such as carbon dioxide extraction, will also be examined.
    11.45 Synthetic Flavours
    Richard Lewis, Senior Flavourist, Givaudan UK Ltd

    This presentation will give examples of extraction and creation of synthetic flavours, explain what they are and discuss the pros and cons and how to discover new flavourings. The presentation will also go into detail about flavouring substances identical to nature and artificial flavouring substances.
    12.45 Lunch
    13.30 Flavours for Dairy Applications
    Danny Hodrien, Owner, F&F Projects

    The issues associated with flavouring dairy products will be explained with examples given for ice creams, yoghurt and cheese products. Particular flavours used within these products will be described and suggestions for best use will be given.
    14.15 Sweet Flavour Creation
    Danny Hodrien, Owner, F&F Projects

    This presentation will give an introduction to the chemistry and technology for sweet flavours and will describe how blending flavours can create a completely different result.
    15.00 Refreshments
    15.20 Sweet Flavour Creation Competition
    Danny Hodrien, Owner, F&F Projects

    With guidance from Danny you will learn the best practice for flavour creation. Delegates will have the chance to create their own unique flavour following a brief. Final flavours will be judged and the winner announced.
    17.00 Close

    Day 2

    08.30 Registration and Refreshments 
    09.00 An Introduction to Snack Flavourings
    Nick Dyson, Technical Director, Create Flavours Ltd

    This presentation will give examples of savoury flavourings used in snack foods and the components that give them their characteristics.
    09.45 Meat Flavours and Maillard Reactions
    David Baines, Baines Food Consultancy

    Learn how meat flavours are formed and what the precursors of meat flavour are and how the flavour is affected during processing. When Maillard reactions occur it produces flavour and colour: learn how this happens and its benefits.
    10.30 Refreshments
    10.50  Non Volatile Savoury Contributors
    Richard Seal, Food Dynamics Ltd

    From the moment of birth humans have an innate liking for the umami taste sensation. This presentation gives an insight into the chemistry of umami and discusses the ingredients commonly used as umami contributors.
    11.40 Practical Workshop
    David Baines, Baines Food Consultancy
    Richard Seal, Food Dynamics Ltd

    Model meat flavour building blocks based on the Maillard reaction will be demonstrated. During the lectures a thermal process flavour will be created in a pressure reactor. This will be evaluated, along with other flavour building blocks, in a gravy system. This exercise will illustrate the 'pyramid' approach used in compounded flavours to create a balanced and harmonious flavour profile.
    13.05 Lunch
    13.50 Sensory Evaluation and Flavour Trends: Perception and Evaluation of Flavour, Market Insights and Flavour Trends
    Caroline Schlinter, Sensory Scientist, Leatherhead Food Research
    Laura Kempster, Senior Analyst, Sensory, Consumer & Market Insight, Leatherhead Food Research

    Will explain the physico-chemical and physiological basis of sensory perception of taste and smell, and make reference to relevant sensory phenomena. You will also be given an overview of the flavours market and its key trends.   
    15.10 Refreshments
    15.30 Sensory Evaluation Part 1 - continued
    15.50 GC-MS Analysis for the Food Industry
    Angela Calder, GC-MS Chemist, Leatherhead Food Research

    This presentation will discuss the technology available for flavour characterisation.
    16.15 Effects of Ingredients on Flavour Release
    Alice Underwood, Food Innovation Consultant

    Other ingredients within a food product can influence flavour perception, especially sweeteners, acids, proteins, gelling agents and fats. This presentation will discuss how these ingredients influence flavour release, highlighted with interesting samples to taste.
    17.15 Close

    Day 3

    08.30  Registration and Refreshments 
    09.00 Developing Products with Acids
    Dr Wayne Morley, Head of Food Innovation, Leatherhead Food Research

    Acids are important food ingredients, contributing to the organoleptic properties, including taste, as well as the microbiological safety and stability, and the texture. This talk describes the challenges of developing with acids, the types that are available, and gives some examples of the applications in a wide range of food types.
    09.45 Flavours in Baking
    Gail Underwood, Flavour Innovations Director, Fuerst Day Lawson Ltd
    Stuart Clegg, Fuerst Day Lawson Ltd

    Flavouring for bakery products such as biscuits, crackers, cakes, fermented goods and fillings are described. It is not just the case of adding flavour to a batch, but how the flavour is added such as surface addition, encapsulation and delayed addition. The presentation will also discuss the problems that can occur when adding flavour.
    10.30 Refreshments
    10.45 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - The Impact of Off-Flavours and Taints on Product Quality
    Dr Bill Simpson, Executive Director, Cara Technology Ltd

    Unwanted flavour notes can appear in products at any time, being formed within the product itself (off-flavours) or arising from external contamination (taints). This presentation will review the main categories of these undesirable flavour notes and consider their origins, impact, analysis and control. An opportunity will also be provided to taste a selection of these materials including phenolics, halophenols, haloanisoles, sulphur compounds and aldehydes.
    11.45 Sensory Evaluation Part 2: Consumer Insights – including practical session
    Nicole Patterson, Principal Scientist: Sensory and Consumer, Leatherhead Food Research
    Alex Willey, Team Leader: Sensory and Consumer Operations, Leatherhead Food Research

    This presentation will describe different methods for sensory testing such as analytical vs. hedonic and quantitative vs. qualitative: followed by a workshop where delegates can practice these techniques.
    12.30 Tour of Sensory, Consumer and Market Insight Facilities
    Alex Willey, Team Leader: Sensory and Consumer Operations, Leatherhead Food Research
    12.45 Lunch
    13.30 Summary and Commercial Aspects
    Steve Pearce, Managing Director, Omega Ingredients Ltd

    Steve will summarise the development and growth of the flavour industry.
    14.00 Botanicals and Flavours in Beverages

    Steve Pearce, Managing Director, Omega Ingredients Ltd

    Extracts from botanical ingredients are widely used and not only impart flavour but contribute to mouthfeel and functionality too. This presentation will describe the raw materials, production, usage levels and stability of botanicals and flavours in beverages.
    14.30 Creation of a Gin and Tonic
    Steve Pearce, Managing Director, Omega Ingredients Ltd

    Having learnt about different botanicals and how they can be used in blends delegates will now have a chance to develop their own gin and tonic.
    15.30 Close with own prepared drinks

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