Leatherhead creates airline meal with all 222 EFSA Health Claims

Leatherhead Airline Meal Formula 222FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
15 June 2012

Leatherhead Food Research has created a ‘mega-healthy’ airline meal that satisfies all 222 Article 13.1 health claims approved by the European Commission on 16 May.

As a leading independent research centre for food science and legislation, Leatherhead is fully equipped to interpret the complicated new health claims regulations.

It has taken almost 5 years for EFSA scientists to whittle down the 44,000 health claims received from member states on 31.1.08 to a final list of 222 claims. So, Leatherhead CEO Dr Paul Berryman challenged his team of scientific, regulatory and marketing experts to devise a meal that could make ALL 222 claims. "It was great fun. I thought of the airline meal concept when flying back from Vitafoods in Geneva. I had spent 3 days talking about health claims and at a round table event I suggested that Leatherhead could make a product with all 222 claims, no problem! It wasn’t that simple, but we did it within one week!"

The meal is specially designed for long haul flights and is packed with minerals, vitamins and everything else that EFSA currently thinks is healthy. It even includes charcoal tablets to reduce excessive flatulence (useful in the enclosed airplane cabin) and some sugar-free chewing gum to chew after the meal to freshen breath and neutralize plaque acids. The chewing also helps relieve pressure in the ears – but this isn’t an official health claim.

Named Leatherhead Airline Meal Formula 222, the meal consists of:

For those flyers watching their waistline, the pack includes mixed berry Meal Replacement Shakes, whilst jet lag sufferers can sip on a melatonin-containing Hot Chocolate drink to relieve their symptoms.

To illustrate the meal, Leatherhead has produced a poster with photos of the airline meal box and each component. It lists all 222 health claims showing which meal component makes which claim.

Berryman thinks that now we have the official list of 222 general health claims, it will be even more important for innovative food companies to establish new scientific evidence for future health claim applications under Article 13.5 or Article 14. "Our airline formula is just an illustration of what we can do. Leatherhead Food Research is ideally placed to help companies make new claims through regulatory advice, product formulation and our state-of-the art human intervention studies". He also warned that from 14 December 2012, any claims that are not authorised (and not on hold/under consideration) will be prohibited.

Please contact legislation@leatherheadfood.com for further information. 

Follow the link to download a PDF of Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012 which establishes a list of permitted health claims made on foods, other than those referring to the reduction of disease risk and to children’s development and health.

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Follow the links to download high resolution graphics of the poster:

Press enquiries:
Dr Paul Berryman
Chief Executive
T: +44 (0)1372 376761
E: pberryman@leatherheadfood.com

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