Scientific Literature & Patent Reviews

The fundamental first step in your innovation and research process.

Essential intelligence on a plate

A solid information base is the foundation for any successful project, and doing the groundwork for food development projects is what we specialize in.

  • Are you looking to spot the next big trend in a particular ingredient area?
  • Are you developing a new product and need the latest research on particular ingredients that you are thinking of using?
  • Do you require scientific evidence about a functional ingredient prior to compiling a dossier for a health claim?
  • Are you interested in learning about new developments in processing, nutrition or food safety?
  • Are you thinking about something that has already been patented?

Our information specialists are experienced in delivering this type of information to the food and drink industry. Using our FoodlineWeb database and global information portal Dialog, we provide systematic, critical reviews of relevant published work, then work together with our regulatory, ingredient and process experts to advise and assist with your new product development and research projects.

Leatherhead’s information-based reviews provide essential intelligence on

  • Developing new ingredients and products
  • Patent activity in given product sectors so that you don't fall foul of this
  • Emerging novel technologies that may be of use for your product
  • Methods of analysis for the ingredients you are looking at
  • Physical and chemical properties of ingredients and products that you may be considering
  • Compiling information and data for projects, including dossier submission and patent challenges

Areas of expertise

  • The eating quality of food - understanding ingredients, their functionality and applications
  • Using food science and processing technologies to develop better products
  • Nutrition, diet and health
  • Functional foods
  • Food safety and microbiology
  • Food allergy and intolerance

Some of our recent projects

  • Identify alternative preservatives for use in beverages
  • Identify patents covering novel natural sweeteners
  • Evaluate the suitability of natural colorants vs. synthetic dyes in several product reformulations
  • Identify alternative ingredient solutions to MSG that are capable of delivering the umami taste
  • Identify new functional ingredients for use in gluten-free bakery applications