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Membership of Leatherhead gives access to the member helpline for advice on regulations, product development, nutrition, safety and consumer research. Members also benefit from free White Papers, news reviews and updates on regulatory changes as well as the opportunity to attend our networking events at Great Burgh. Find out how to join our 1500 existing members.

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To discover more of the benefits of membership and which membership package would best meet your needs, contact our membership team.     01372 822 376

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Expert advice

The exclusive member helpline is manned by experts in global regulations, product development, nutrition, food safety and consumer research. Leatherhead’s renowned multilingual regulatory team cover over 120 countries and can advise on claims, routine queries on labelling legislation, additives and flavourings, contaminants, residues and compositional standards. The helpline is also regularly used by technical teams looking for advice on challenge testing protocols, the behaviour of specific ingredients, reformulation techniques, sensory testing methods and much more.

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Exclusive resources

Only members get access to Leatherhead’s updates and insight. Free White Papers on topical issues are published weekly, the daily Leatherhead Food News summarises all that members need to know and International Legal Highlights is compulsory reading for every regulatory manager each week.

The Member Digest is distributed weekly and reminds members about our events and training courses as well as providing links to White Papers and other topics of interest.

In addition Full Members (Bronze and above) have exclusive options to purchase Leatherhead’s on-line regulatory guides as well as subscribing to the science & news databases.

Full Members can also access Leatherhead’s expertise via the Incident Support Team.

Networking and engagement

Leatherhead runs exclusive networking events for members at the prestigious Great Burgh premises. The member networking days focus on specific themes, involve external key note speakers as well as Leatherhead’s own experts and are a great opportunity to keep in touch with new ideas in the industry.

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Member discounts

Full members have access to preferential consultancy fee rates (up to the full value of the membership fee) on project work carried out by Leatherhead’s team of consultants across our service areas.

Full members are also entitled to discounted prices on regulatory reports, research reports and training courses. Find out more here.


Membership options

Membership is appropriate for large and small businesses. Membership tiers start at the Small Business package and progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold to the top tier of Platinum membership. Each package has a defined number of helpline hours with an increasing range of benefits for the larger packages.

To find out which membership package would best meet your needs, contact the membership team (; 01372 822376) or complete our membership enquiry form.

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