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    Nutrition through the Life Cycle

    Author: Prakash Shetty Published: September 2002

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    Covering the nutritional requirements, common deficiencies and diet-related diseases of all age groups within the life cycle, this book is an excellent reference source for students and practitioners in nutrition and public health, and will help product development and marketing personnel within the food industry to understand the specific dietary needs of different age groups.


    This book summarises what is known about the relationship between diet and health at different points in the life cycle, and how dietary interventions can provide long-term benefits to individuals and populations.


    The Editor of this book is Prakash Shetty, who, before his current role as Chief, Nutrition Planning, Assessment and Evaluation Service of the Food and Nutrition Division of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN in Rome, was Professor of Human Nutrition at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (London University). He has served on several Expert Committees, both in India and the UK and on International Committees and Consultations of the FAO, WHO, UNU and IAEA. He has served on Editorial Boards of several international journals and on the scientific advisory committees of funding agencies and charities.


    1. Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
    Professor Prakash Shetty

    2. Nutrition in Infancy
    Professor Barbara Elaine Golden, University of Aberdeen

    3. Nutrition of School Children and Adolescents
    Ms Sara Stanner and Dr Judy Buttriss - British Nutrition Foundation

    4. Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation
    Dr Gail Goldberg, British Nutrition Foundation

    5. Adult Nutrition
    Dr Jane Pryer - Royal Free &University College Medical School London, Professor Prakash Shetty

    6. Nutrition of the Ageing and Elderly
    Professor Prakash Shetty, Dr Jane Pryer, Professor Astrid Fletcher - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

    7. Nutrition and Policy
    Dr Elizabeth Dowler - University of Warwick

    8. Nutrition and Health Promotion
    Dr Margaret Thorogood - LSHTM, Dr Carolyn Summerbell - University of Teesside, Dr Gill Cowburn - Department of Public Health, Oxford.

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