Physical Analysis

Texture analysisLeatherhead Food Research offers a range of services for the evaluation of the physical properties of products and ingredients, ranging from evaluating consumers' responses to the sensory qualities to understanding how physical attributes can impact the stability and safety of food and drinks.


The Sensory and Consumer department offers sensory evaluation and consumer insight research to food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, materials suppliers, foodservice companies and retailers. Leatherhead Food Research offers the following approaches to physical analysis - all of which can also be applied to non-foods:

Texture and Rheology

Leatherhead Food Research provides a comprehensive range of testing services for viscosity measurements and rheological analysis of functional ingredients and finished food products - knowledge of which is crucial for successful food & drink products.

Viscosity, thickness, gelation, hardness, firmness, stickiness, crispiness are some of the key characteristics that are associated with the physical properties of a wide range of food and drink products. These factors influence the performance of various processing technologies in manufacturing plants, affect the stability of products during transport and storage, influence the appearance and appeal of products and ultimately influence consumer satisfaction.

Foreign bodies

Contamination by foreign bodies requires both thorough and rapid investigation.  Leatherhead has considerable experience in delivering timely and detailed analysis to identify a wide range of foreign bodies to help our customers understand the sources and causes of contamination.

Techniques include:

We can help identify materials including glass, plastics, metals, hairs and fibres, minerals, hazes and certain pharmaceutical products (tablets).


To learn more about our Analytical and Physical services please contact Antony Bagshaw.

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