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    Plant-based Ingredients

    Author: Joerg Gruenwald et al Published: October 2002

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    Nature has been the source of healing compounds for thousands of years and new pharmaceutical agents are still emerging from compounds found in plants. Specific ingredients from plants have long been recognised for health-giving properties, other than healing ailments, and these have traditionally included components such as insoluble fibres, oestrogenic compounds and antioxidant vitamins. Such ingredients, added to foods either to boost their content, or to fortify foods lacking in the ingredient in question kick started the trend for functional, or nutraceutical foods, which has developed into a multi-million pound market. Covering the botanical details of over 340 plants, and information on the medicinal and functional compounds they contain, with the potential to be used in foods, this book is a must for any company with an eye on the rapidly expanding industry of functional foods and nutraceuticals.


    In the quest for the next life-enhancing ingredient to satisfy consumer demand for functional foods with tangible health benefits, Plant-based Ingredients for Functional Foods is a must for the product developer and food technologist.


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    Introduction, containing sections on:

    * Carbohydrates, and plant saccharides with special properties
    * Proteins and amino acids, special plant proteins, and amino acids and oligopeptides found in plants
    * Fat and lipids found in plants
    * Major vitamins found in plants
    * Minerals and essential trace elements found in plants
    * Plant compounds with hormonal activities
    * Other plant compounds with health-giving properties

    Monographs listing plants A-Z, each including: Latin name; synonyms; vernacular name; botany; habitat; compounds contained; modes of action and use in medicine; use in foods; use restriction; references.

    Markets Strategies and Players

    * Categories of functional food ingredients
    * Challenges of product development
    * Nutritional marketing
    * The market for functional foods and beverages
    * The players in the functional foods industry
    * Outlook

    The Legal Framework for Plant-derived Ingredients Explained

    * Introduction
    * Key regulatory agencies
    * Key legal definitions
    * Herbal medicines and existing legal framework for plant-derived ingredients with medicinal properties in different countries
    * Key developments in legislation
    * The use of plant-derived ingredients in food - as flavourings and novel ingredients, in
    * Europe and in the US
    * Claims relating to a potential health benefit
    * Practical application of legislation to plant-derived ingredients

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