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What is SenseReach™?

SenseReach™ is a revolutionary consumer research tool from Leatherhead Food Research that gives you instant consumer feedback, helping you achieve your goals ahead of your competitors.

SenseReach will help you to achieve the best concept; it can provide feedback during product development, monitor product quality and compare how your products perform against the competition.

This new consumer research tool can be tailored to fit your needs giving you answers to crucial questions about your new or existing products or services.

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How it works

Leatherhead Food Research's extensive consumer database allows us to carry out in-depth and targeted consumer awareness studies using iPads in small and large hall settings or online at home and anywhere with online access.

Using these new technologies, the results can be delivered instantly* to our clients' desktops as soon as the research has been completed. It also allows us to reach consumers worldwide.

The research can be used to qualify areas such as:

  • Product reformulation
  • Product re-packing
  • Claims substantiation
  • Analytical measurements

*Costs will vary based on delivery requirements

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Online demonstration

We apologise for the inconvenience, however this demonstration is currently undergoing maintenance and will be available shortly.

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