Texture and Mouthfeel

Texture and mouthfeelLeatherhead's Innovation expertise ensures we are best placed to be able to understand and relate sensory properties, textural characteristics, ingredient functionality and food processing in food and drink products, to enable the successful development of new products, and solve texture-related product failures.

Texture is an increasingly important product differentiator, and many new products are being launched based on texture characteristics. Product texture can also be key to consumer repeat purchase decisions.

There is therefore a growing industry need for texture understanding and control, to help accelerate innovation and product development. A big driver is the growth in healthy products, where reduction of sugar and fat, or addition of a functional ingredient, can impact product texture and mouthfeel.

We combine the expertise of our rheologists, microscopists, ingredients and product development scientists, sensory and consumer scientists to provide innovative solutions and in-depth research for clients. Previous projects include research into creaminess, crispness and crunchiness of a range of products.

We also use novel processing techniques to modify the textural characteristics of ingredients and food products, and are well known for our microscopy and nanotechnology expertise.

To learn more about Texture and Mouthfeel please contact Pretima Titoria.

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