Consumer perception

As the marketplace becomes ever-more competitive, the value of consumer insight has never been more important. Understanding consumers’ likes, dislikes, views and opinions is key when it comes to concept development, product improvement, maintenance and optimisation, quality control, new product development (NPD), recipe or production process change and competitor benchmarking. It also plays a vital role in claim substantiation, shelf life determination, packaging and price acceptability.

Here at Leatherhead, our extensive list of quantitative and qualitative methods makes key consumer-related business decisions a piece of cake! Leatherhead’s consumer insight offers both qualitative and quantitative approaches which can be used in isolation or together.

Qualitative research

Qualitative research examines the reasons behind consumer thoughts and opinions, highlighting potential actions and likely behaviours. It uses select groups of targeted consumers to piece together the drivers of consumer behaviour using methods such as:

  • Discussion groups, mini-groups
  • Interviews – 1:1, pairs, triads, friends (face-to-face, Skype, telephone etc)
  • Brainstorming session and workshops (consumers, client and key experts can all be involved)
  • Accompanied shops
  • Mystery shopping
  • Home cupboard audits
  • Food and emotion diaries

Leatherhead has an impressive qualitative facility with client viewing room and adjacent testing kitchen.

Quantitative research

Quantitative research provides the numbers and statistics to back up consumers’ thoughts and opinions. At Leatherhead, research can be carried out with consumers in our hall facilities or at home, using various methods including:

  • Consumer acceptability and preferences
  • Competitor and product benchmarking
  • Product optimisation e.g. Just About Right (JAR) questions, ideal profiling methods, preference mapping
  • Concept and pricing research
  • Claim substantiation
  • Online surveys
  • Discrimination and descriptive testing

Our unique online research tool (SenseReach™) offers instant consumer feedback, helping you achieve your goals ahead of your competitors. The tool can be tailored to perfectly fit your needs, giving you answers to crucial questions.


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