Food defence and incident management: developing a food defence plan

Date: 17 November 2016

Location: Great Burgh, Epsom, UK

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Learn how to minimise the risk of possible tampering or contamination, as well as how to protect your produce, processes, people, buildings and brands from intentional harm.

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Topics covered include:

  • Food security threats in Europe, The Bioterrorism Act in the USA, government regulations and guidance
  • Developing the food defence team – people, plans, policies and procedures
  • Being the 'bad guy'
  • Vulnerability Analysis (VACCP), Threat Analysis (TACCP) and Hazard Analysis (HACCP)
  • Major incident management
  • Handling intentional contamination issues
  • Tampering and complaint investigations
  • Malicious contamination by your staff
  • Valuable hands-on workshops teaching you how to assess a facility's vulnerability to outside threats

From this course you will be able to:

  • Assess, understand and plan appropriate responses to mitigate and reduce risks to your business
  • Understand the difference between HACCP, VACCP and TACCP and where each is appropriate
  • Identify threats and potential sources of threats to your business
  • Develop and manage your company’s food defence efforts
  • Provide proof that you have received food defence training – all delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance
  • Have an opportunity to network with your peers throughout the industry

Who should attend?

  • All facilities that ship, manufacture, process, package, or store food products for the US market or multinational organisations
  • Food defence managers
  • Incident management managers
  • Security professionals
  • QA/QC managers
  • Plant managers
  • Maintenance managers and engineers
  • Safety managers


Great Burgh is located on the outskirts of Epsom, Surrey, easily accessible via road or train.

Hotels: follow the link for further information on a variety of local hotels to suit all budgets.

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