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Best practice top tips: ensuring your claims, ingredients and labels are compliant globally

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In this webinar William Knight – Strategic Partnerships, and members of the Leatherhead Regulatory team discuss the following case studies and reveal their top tips for global compliance:

  • Validation of nutrition claims for an energy bar to be sold in South America and Europe
  • Ingredients compliance checks for a US manufactured soft drink to be sold in Asia
  • Labelling US chocolates for sale in the UK and EU in time for Christmas

Our 1,500+ members regularly benefit from Leatherhead’s on-tap regulatory advice to help launch new products, enter new markets or gain a competitive edge with claims. Using our recent case studies, William and the Regulatory team will illustrate some of our core F&B regulatory services.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for individuals involved with claims, ingredients or label compliance in the global Food & Beverage industry.

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