Predicting and controlling the shelf life of foods

Date: 22 November 2016

Location: Great Burgh, Epsom, UK

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Provides a good introduction to many of the problems that can reduce the shelf life of foods and beverages, and the methods of controlling problems and extending shelf life.

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Topics covered include:

  • Microbial problems and shelf life
  • Preservatives and their effects on microorganisms
  • Oils and fats – the rancidity risk
  • The use of antioxidants to prevent rancidity
  • Microbial challenge testing – factors to consider
  • Alternatives to challenge testing
  • Physicochemical and sensory aspects of shelf life determination
  • Accelerated shelf life testing
  • Determining thermal inactivation rates of organisms in foods
  • Packaging and its effect on shelf life extension

From this course you will:

  • Learn about the safety and quality problems that affect foods and shorten shelf life
  • Discover that shelf life determination can be carried out for the problems that have been described
  • Understand the techniques used on foods to extend shelf life and ensure product safety
  • Appreciate important ingredients that can extend shelf life
  • Realise that ingredient quality is a key factor in ensuring the maximum shelf life for your products

Who should attend?

  • Microbiologists
  • Product developers
  • Technical managers
  • Food safety managers


Great Burgh is located on the outskirts of Epsom, Surrey, easily accessible via road or train.

Hotels: follow the link for further information on a variety of local hotels to suit all budgets.

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