New and emerging ingredients - what are the next big ingredients to hit the market?

Date: 27 June, 2019

In the webinar we cover:

  • What consumers are looking for from the intrinsic features of products they buy and how you can become more confident to invest in a winning product
  • A look at some of the key new and emerging ingredients, additives, enzymes and flavourings and the impact on product development and quality
  • An overview of some of early stage regulatory considerations for concept development and ingredient launches, including permissibility and gaining pre-market approval for novel foods and new food improvement agents

The live webinar was aired on Thursday 27th June.

Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and demanding more from what they buy. This is coupled with ever-increasing pressure on food & beverage manufacturers to design and develop products with healthier attributes, whilst simultaneously addressing cost optimisation, sustainability and efficiency. We’ll be sharing our insights to help you navigate the maze of new and emerging ingredients, gain a better understanding of the consumer interest, legislative demands, technical complexities, and getting to grips with novel foods, new ingredients, additives, enzymes and flavourings.

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