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Poised for an age of innovation - How food and beverage companies are preparing for growth

From new product development to open innovation, we have spoken to innovation professionals in the food & and beverage industry to get a snapshot of innovation today. Our research reveals an industry embracing collaboration with multiple partners in order to face consumer demands for healthy and more personalised products.

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Findings from our confidential in-depth interviews tell a compelling four-chapter story about the state of innovation in the food & beverage industry today:

  • Threats to industry - interviewees spoke about the things that worried them and what might threaten their business
  • Strategies for growth - it became apparent that all organisations prioritise growth plans in different ways, with some anticipating that innovation will come in unpredictable areas
  • Enabling innovation - interviewees told a story of a very open approach to innovation. All companies realised the importance of innovation and that great ideas can come from anywhere
  • Opportunities - finally, interviewees spoke of the opportunities they saw for their businesses and how they seek to remain relevant to their consumers

Why Leatherhead's report?

Together with our sister company Oakland Innovation, we undertook a qualitative research project to ascertain the views and attitudes of food and beverage organisations to innovation. We conducted the research through a series of confidential in-depth interviews where we spoke to Innovation, R&D, Marketing and NPD representatives from leading food and beverage organisations. In total, we spoke with 27 organisations who were a mix of branded and non-branded food & beverage manufacturers, food service companies, ingredients companies, retailers and co-operatives.

This report summarises the research, helping you understand how businesses today view innovation, what they feel is driving it and how they enable it within their businesses.

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