Incident support

Despite your every effort, problems do occur from time generally from circumstances beyond your control. Incidents in the food and beverage industry can be emotive and can quickly gain momentum which is why early, effective action is necessary.

Leatherhead can provide emergency, independent advice on anything from specific incident support and product recalls to contamination issues or suspicious consumer complaints. We have access to regulatory experts, food authenticity experts, manufacturing process experts and experienced food scientists. We will help protect your brand and reputation with advice on risk assessments, incident classifications, communication advice, and can work with the regulatory authorities on your behalf. If appropriate we can also assemble teams of specialist staff for analytical or microbiological testing.

Why Leatherhead?

  • Comprehensive skill set across the food manufacturing process
  • Experts in food regulation, safety and authenticity
  • Relationships with regulators in key geographies and understanding of local languages and cultures
  • Access to large team of experts in a diverse range of specialisms any of which could be relevant in an incident management situation
  • Independent, widely-respected voice working on your behalf


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