Market insight

Market insight is essential in order to undertake successful production innovation and position and market your product accurately. The food & beverage marketplace changes quickly and is influenced by advances and technologies form other industries. Keeping abreast of changes and anticipating future trends is key for success.

In association with sister company, Oakland Innovation, we’ll work with you to deliver solutions including:

  • Market landscapes: characterising activity, developments and trends in specific product, market and benefit spaces to derive potential business opportunities and platforms for growth and innovation
  • Market assessments: evaluating the strength of specific market concepts in terms of scale, demand, robustness, defendability and likely competitor response and using market insights to refine and specify key propositions
  • Business ecosystem and partner maps: identifying and profiling key players operating in selected product and market spaces, characterising their capability and business assets in order to identify potential partners or acquisition targets and to detect potential competitive threats

All our offerings are underpinned by our distinctive information-gathering approaches, our methodical analysis frameworks and our creative ways of presenting key findings allowing you to develop tactics and strategies.

Why Leatherhead?

  • Breadth of panels – consumers at central location, at home, at location, sensory trained panels.
  • Navigating and recommending appropriate methods & approaches to suit your requirements
  • Science background, up to date, latest research in the industry
  • Meaningful, actionable analysis – so what? What next?
  • Large multi-disciplinary team of approachable people


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