Product blueprinting

Product development has tended to be an iterative process in the food & beverage industry. Food Manufacturers have started with a recipe and then improved upon it or changed it by changing the ingredients or their relative proportions. Consumer testing is used to compare the original product with the new product and suggestions for further improvement can be made.  And so on. But there is little linkage between the perception of the change as experienced by the consumer and the underlying functions and interactions of the ingredients.  Leatherhead’s Blueprinting service provides this link.

Blueprinting a product gives you a technical map of your product which you can use to inform further development thereby accelerating your development timescales, reducing risk and reducing cost. It considers both the sensory and scientific attributes that explain its profile, drawing on microscopy, microbiology and rheology. This enables objective analysis of properties such as ‘crunch’, ‘creaminess’, ‘lightness’ or ‘smoothness’.

Blueprinting can be used to address key reformulation challenges such as:

  • Sugar reduction
  • Salt reduction
  • Fat reduction
  • Reformulating to reduce cost/price
  • Reformulating for nutrition objectives

Why Leatherhead?

  • Recognised as a leader in product reformulation
  • Multidisciplinary organisation allowing innovation to be tempered with regulatory and food safety insights
  • Bringing together ingredients, nutrition and microscopy
  • Practical application of a strong science foundation
  • Food/beverage device development through our sister company Sagentia
  • Market and technology insight through our sister company Oakland Innovation


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