Sugar reduction

Reducing sugar in foods is a major focus for the food & beverage industry. In the UK, the government has announced a sugar tax on soft drinks, set to come into force in 2018. And Public Health England (PHE) has introduced targets for sugar reduction across major categories of food. This is not just a UK issue. In response, the food industry will need to consider all reformulation options.

Leatherhead offers a comprehensive sugar reduction service which assesses your current product and suggests options for reformulating using less sugar.

The process we follow is:

  • Understand your existing product: using a process known as blueprinting - a combination of rheology, microstructure and oral processing analysis and sensory trained panel -  we define your product’s properties and ingredient functionality. Additionally, we can map out the regulatory and safety framework in which your product sits.
  • Define reformulation objectives: we assess whether we reduce sugar, replace sugar with a substitute or rethink the product completely.
  • Identify and evaluate available options: we verify the options using research and lab tests to produce a short list of options/recipes.
  • Optimise recipes: we perform focussed reformulation on high potential recipes and will produce small batches of proposed product.
  • Analyse against the original: we check the new product against the original to assess impact on the product from reformulation.

We can undertake all of the above steps or undertake just one of them. We can do this as a time-boxed activity to give you cost-effective ways of producing lower sugar alternatives.

Why Leatherhead:

  • Strong cross-disciplinary insights allowing sensory experts, nutritionists and food scientists to collaborate
  • Experts in understanding multi-functional ingredients such as sugar and reformulating sensitively
  • Strong understanding of food manufacturing process and regulatory environments ensuring pragmatic reformulation options
  • Practical application of a strong science foundation
  • Market-leading health and nutrition specific expertise


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