Enhancement of manufactured foods with biofication

Enhancement of manufactured foods with biofortification

Integrating biofortification in the food industry

Enhancing the natural nutrient content of foods through biofortification is poised to be an impactful and profitable opportunity for the global food and beverage industry. High-iron pearl millet could be another quinoa phenomenon, and experts predict that by 2025, biofortification as a method to improve nutrition will be widespread.

Biofortification is a unique business opportunity for the global food industry. While biofortified crops and foods have most often been targeted at population segments that are at greatest risk of malnutrition, it is also relevant to the growing segment of health-conscious consumers who seek natural sources of nutrition through their regular diet.

HarvestPlus is an expert in biofortification and can assist food manufacturers of all sizes and types to integrate biofortified ingredients in their supply chains. We have produced a white paper series to support discussion of effective and efficient approaches to achieving this integration.

The three papers cover:
1. Consumer attitudes and perceptions of biofortification and biofortified foods;
2. Enhancement of manufactured foods with biofortification;
3. Differentiating and communicating biofortified products in the current regulatory landscape.