Member-only webinar recording

An update on global regulatory landscapes for plant-based products

Date: 21 June, 2023

Duration: 45 mins

Chaired by Senior Membership Manager, Leon Cook and delivered by Head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Mariko Kubo.

The global plant-based foods sector is poised to be worth $93 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 12%. Food & beverage companies are responding to ethical, sustainability and health & wellness trends, which are being driven by both consumers and governments, and the regulatory stakeholders need to keep up with innovation to protect both consumers and manufacturers alike.

There have been a lot of debates worldwide on the labelling of plant-based food & beverage products, and with different countries having different national requirements or absence of such requirements, a global disharmony is inevitable, leading to potential trade barriers.

As this is a strong product sector with strong global growth, it is important to understand the regulatory landscapes and hurdles that are linked to plant-based theme. This webinar is designed to disseminate the key regulatory facts, hurdles and opportunities applicable to plant-based foods around the world.

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