Trusted scientific and regulatory support for the global food and beverage industry

For over 100 years we've kept the global food and beverage industry informed, compliant and prepared for the future.

Leatherhead Food Research provides scientific and regulatory affairs advice to the food and beverage industry through a membership-based consultancy. We solve our Member's problems with our specialist team of food scientists, toxicologists and multi-lingual regulatory affairs professionals.

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Our global regulatory teams can help you with all aspects of food & beverage regulation.

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We provide key services for those involved in creating, managing and improving food safety processes and procedures.

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We offer assistance with every step of the food & beverage product innovation lifecycle.

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Over 1500 organisations are already Leatherhead members and benefit from our expert advice and resources.

Training programme

Leatherhead offers training courses on food & beverage regulation. 

We specialise in European and International regulatory courses and are able to offer food safety, product development and innovation courses as bespoke training.

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