EU and UK Legal Labels and Food Law | Training Course

Running twice a year Leatherhead’s EU and UK Legal Labels and Food Law course provides you with comprehensive training on UK and EU food labelling and other legislation applicable to food product compliance.

Course duration: 6-week online course

Course dates:

9 September, 2024 - 18 October, 2024

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You will be given a unique overview of all relevant EU and UK food regulatory areas, including a focus on labelling rules applicable in the UK and other Member States, followed by key controls for product compliance such as food safety, additive controls, contaminants and food contact materials.

Our online Legal Labels training covers the same content as our previous on-site course with a more flexible approach to learning. Each week you can work though the learning materials at your own pace and join interactive sessions with our regulatory experts.

Mandatory labelling: will focus on how to ensure the compliance of a food and drink label with the mandatory requirements of the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 (FIC).

Labelling claims: addresses voluntary aspects of labelling, such as nutrition and health claims and marketing statements.

EU food law: covers an introduction to the general principles of EU food law and key areas related to food safety and formulation compliance such as hygiene controls, novel foods, genetically modified foods, contaminants, food contact materials, pesticides and food improvement agents (food additives, enzymes, flavourings) with a session on how to check the acceptability of these agents in foods.

Topics covered include:

  • General principles and application of EU and UK food law
  • Divergent national food legislation
  • Mandatory labelling information
    (including product descriptions, ingredient listing, allergen labelling, nutrition information and quantity marking)
  • Nutrition & health claims and fortification
  • Marketing claims
  • Product specific standards and labelling
  • Food safety and hygiene controls
  • Food additives and flavourings
  • How to find food legislation and guidance
  • Interactive workshops on additives and labelling

From this course you will:

  • Receive an introduction to the challenges of managing the EU and national regulatory requirements to ensure product compliance
  • Get updated on the latest EU food legislation requirements
  • Gain a thorough understanding of food labelling rules and industry issues including nutrition and health claims and allergens
  • Receive guidance from Leatherhead’s regulatory consultants on applying your knowledge in practice
  • Get the opportunity to discuss challenging regulatory issues such as the Union lists on food additives & flavourings, and the EU food information to consumers (FIC) provisions
  • Learn from expert tutors how to make use of relevant examples and practical exercises to understand key labelling ‘problem’ areas
  • Consolidate your learning in interactive sessions

Who should attend?

  • New starters/returnees in regulatory compliance roles
  • Regulatory, NPD and technical managers who wish to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date
  • Enforcement officers with food standards responsibilities
  • Anybody in the food industry with responsibility for product compliance and label sign off

Online learning

  • Flexibility: The online format provides flexibility so you can work through weekly learning materials at your own pace
  • Re-watch: Recorded lectures will be made available to delegates throughout the course and can re-watch at any time throughout the course duration
  • Test your understanding: Quick quizzes are used to test your understanding on each topic
  • Ask the expert: Each week a group interactive session will be run with our experts to work through examples and any questions you may have

Course pricing

Course date

9 September, 2024 -
18 October, 2024

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£1,700+ VAT

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Non-member standard rate *

£2,050 + VAT

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9 July, 2024

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Recent delegate testimonials:

“Excellent content - generally well presented. Good resources. I liked the workshops and ability to ask lots of questions. Thank you!”  –  Lucy

"Overall great class and I would definitely join another one in the future!” – Danielle

“Really good organisation of the course with a live session at the end of the week for any further questions” – Olivier

“The course was very informative and useful, all the tutors were very engaging and helpful. A very enjoyable course”

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