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GlobalMeatNews – Packaging for export

Date: 26 September, 2017

Location: Great Burgh, Epsom, UK

Hosted by GlobalMeatNews, this free-to-register webinar features three international experts delivering key presentations in the field of meat packaging. The forum will tackle:

  • Packaging process – the latest innovations in packaging meat for export (Karl Deily, Sealed Air)
  • Packaging intelligence – how the right type of packaging can help reduce food safety risks, increase shelf life and minimise waste (Paul Jenkins, The PackHub)
  • Packaging methods – the microbiological aspects of packaging meat for export (Peter Wareing, Leatherhead Food Research)

In his talk, Leatherhead’s Peter Wareing, Food Safety & Manufacturing Consultant, will deliver an overview of packaging methods, taking a look at the use of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for different types of meat and product formats, as well as the food safety aspects and common spoilage issues associated with MAP. Peter’s is the third presentation of the webinar, which kicks off at 3.00pm.

To book your place at the webinar, follow this link and to discuss the topic of Peter’s presentation, please get in touch.


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