IFST Lecture

Surviving in a hostile world: The need for food science

Date: 10 October, 2023

Time: 18:30 (BST)

Location: 1 Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ

We are delighted to be sponsoring the annual IFST Lecture – Surviving in a hostile world, where industry experts and speakers from the Institute of Food Science & Technology will give talks on food nutrition and food sustainability.

Leatherhead’s Pretima Titoria, Luke Murphy, Simon Linsley, Leon Cook, Neetu Chugh, and Andrea Herrera will be attending this event.

If you're attending the IFST Lecture and/ or are interested in learning more about how Leatherhead’s team can help you, get in touch to arrange a meeting with the team: [email protected]

For more information on the speakers and to view the IFST Lecture programme click here.