Member-only webinar

Post Brexit Changes to UK Food and Beverage Legislation

Date: 24 February, 2021

This webinar was live on 24 February 2021.

An update on the initial post-Brexit implementation.

In this webinar you'll learn about the changes to food and beverage legislation now the UK has left the EU. This webinar covers:

  • How Brexit changes the general labelling of food and the rules on food hygiene for food items produced in UK. Specifically with regard to health marks, address labelling, export health certificate and sanitary/phytosanitary documentation.
  • Changes to the rules on specific product labelling. The new status of the national authorization procedure for Nutrition and Health Claims, Product Registration, Novel Foods, Mineral Waters, Additives and Flavourings.
  • How the UK’s exit from the common market will affect the taxation code of product manufactured in UK and their determination of country of origin for tax purpose.

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