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Industry events

Annual trends report webinar

Join Jenny Arthur - Head of Membership and Nutrition in our first Member webinar of the year. Using insights from our annual trends report, Driving...
Industry event Webinar 25 January, 2022

Understanding the EU regulatory landscape for food packaging recycling logos

Food packaging serves multiple purposes; its primary function is to ensure the products' safety but also to provide essential information about the...
Industry event Webinar 23 March, 2022

Tackling global obesity: The impact of anti-obesity regulations on the food industry

Sin taxes, mandatory labelling, nutritional profiles, TV watersheds and marketing bans are some of the tactics that governments are implementing to...
Industry event Webinar 25 May, 2022

Innovation in smart labelling for food and beverages

With sustainability being at the forefront of the food and beverage industry, there is an increasing focus on alternative methods for labelling. In...
Industry event Webinar 22 June, 2022

IFT FIRST: Annual Event and Expo

Leatherhead’s Luke Murphy, VP Key Accounts, will be attending IFT FIRST. We support clients all over the world with regulatory compliance and...
Industry event 10 July, 2022