Food safety helpline

Our food safety consultants provide expert advice to our clients to enable them to meet the highest quality standards.  We have expertise in a broad range of areas including microbiology, mycology, molecular and DNA based methods, product and process safety assessments, and technology validation.

All members have a number of allocated helpline hours according the level of membership they hold. We will be able to advise you if your question can be answered in the hours available or if additional hours will need to be purchased.

If you have a food safety challenge that you need our assistance with, please contact: [email protected]


 Related services:

  • Shelf life and abuse testing
  • Challenge testing and process validation
  • Food authenticity testing and vulnerability assessment
  • Safety audits (HACCP) and quality reviews
  • Tailored training packages

Examples of the typical questions received via the safety helpline:

  • Is my process an effective hurdle for eliminating the risk of salmonella?
  • What is the current status of whole genome sequencing technologies and are they a viable solution for supply chain monitoring?
  • A retailer has suggested I may need a challenge test for my product. Do I need one and how should I complete this to the standard they expect?
  • We have a contamination issue in our factory and don’t understand its source or how to prevent it happening, can you help?
  • How can I demonstrate the safety of my product throughout the supply chain?


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