Argentina opens up opportunities for gluten-free foods and beverages

12 January, 2024

Did you know that Argentina has recently passed a resolution allowing the use of ingredients that naturally contain gluten, provided the gluten is removed through specific processing technology, for the production of gluten free products? In November 2023, Joint Resolution 32/2023 brought about a noteworthy amendment to the Argentine Food Code, signifying a substantial shift to the Articles governing gluten-free foods and beverages. The amendment follows significant milestones, such as the acknowledgement of Coeliac Disease in 2009, and the introduction of the first gluten-free logo to the Code in 2011.


The recent resolution introduces a new logo, designed to identify gluten-free products, as well as a new definition for gluten-free foods and beverages, accompanied by new establishment guidelines.

In Argentina, it was previously understood that gluten-free products were made only from ingredients that did not contain prolamins from wheat, oats, barley or rye; hence the old logo which read "Sin TACC", the Spanish acronym for "without wheat, oats, barley or rye". However, in November 2023 the Government acknowledged that certain products, despite containing these ingredients in their original composition, could be rendered gluten-free through appropriate technological processes. Consequently, the logo was updated to “Sin Gluten”, signifying gluten-free in Spanish.

Argentina Sin TACC and Sin Gluten logos

Based on the new position, the Government has amended the definition of gluten-free food and drinks. The new definition now includes ingredients that originally contained gluten but have had the gluten removed through suitable technological processes. This marks a departure from the previous restriction of the ‘gluten-free’ definition to products naturally devoid of gluten.

In practical terms, this resolution opens up more opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers. As per the new Decree 218/2023, all establishments under Law No. 26588 must offer at least one gluten-free option or a gluten-free menu from authorized manufacturers following the guidelines established in the “Guide of Recommendations for a Safe Gluten-Free Menu”.

A transitional period of three years has been granted to companies with approved gluten-free products, to enable them to comply with the new provisions. For in-depth support on navigating the intricacies of the newly implemented gluten-free logo and provisions in Argentina, or to address other regulatory requirements in Latin America, please get in touch at [email protected]. Leatherhead’s experienced team of scientists and regulatory experts can support you every step of the way.

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