Food safety advice from Leatherhead featured on BBC's 'Eat well for less' new series

03 September, 2015

In the first episode of the new series tonight, Leatherhead Food Research helps provide viewers with a simple explanation of the difference and importance of a use by date and a best before date, that many people consider to be the same.

Dr Peter Wareing, Principal Food Safety Advisor and our lab team help the presenter in a demonstration of food testing using Listeria.
The purpose is to work out how long a food can be kept safely by inoculating a sample food with the sort of bacteria that are likely to be present in the that food, and then measures what happens to it in different environments like the fridge, freezer, or if its left out on the counter, and measures whether the bacteria grows and if so, how quickly it multiplies to an unsafe level.

The programme features the Scott family, at 8pm on BBC1 'Eat Well for Less'.

Leatherhead was delighted to support the programme and its aims of eating safely and reducing unnecessary food waste. It's particularly pertinent as we head in to our autumn programme of events and Listeria conference on 12 November for the industry - New Evidence and Approaches for Control of Listeria Monocytogenes and Microbiology training.

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