Leatherhead ‘letter to the editor’ of The Grocer - gluten-free products and fat research

15 May, 2016

Leatherhead’s response to The Grocer article on gluten-free products and high fat content.

On 13th May Ian Quinn, the chief reporter of The Grocer, published an article that supermarkets have promised to make their gluten-free products healthier, after research by The Grocer revealed some lines can be up to seven times higher in fat than ‘standard’ products.

Leatherhead’s Senior Consultant of Nutrition and Product Development, Persis Subramaniam, comments that gluten-free products present some technical challenges, especially in bakery products such as biscuits and bread.  To understand these one needs to consider what function gluten performs in food products. Read the full response on gluten-free replacements including hydrocolloids and combinations of high protein and high starch flours, plus the use and function of sugar and fats.

Read the letter to the editor and content of The Grocer article (with thanks to publisher).

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