Redefining the future of innovation in the food & beverage industry

19 April, 2016

Leatherhead Food Research unveils ‘360˚ of Innovation’ at Innovation Fusion.

9th April 2016, Barcelona: Leatherhead Food Research, a leader in technical solutions and consulting expertise in the world of food & drink, today announces that it is launching a comprehensive set of services expected to create a step change in the way the food & beverage sector innovates. The set of services is launched in conjunction with its sister companies, Oakland Innovation and Sagentia, under the banner 360˚ of Innovation. It will be showcased at Innovation Fusion 2016, taking place in Barcelona this week.

Chris Wells, Managing Director for Leatherhead Food Research, comments: “While food & beverage industry players are experienced innovators, the industry is facing consumer, food safety and regulatory challenges that mean a step change in innovation is needed for them to prosper. It has never been more important to get the most out of your innovation process and create the right conditions for innovation to work. In conjunction with our sister companies Sagentia and Oakland Innovation, we have responded to these needs with an offering which redefines the way the food and beverage industry innovates, something we’re calling 360˚ of innovation.”

360˚ of Innovation aims at delivering strategic thinking together with practical know-how to help food & beverage companies de-risk their innovation process. It supports the full innovation lifecycle, from market landscaping and opportunity identification, through product concepting and supply chain concerns, regulatory and food safety aspects, and finally production and post launch support.

Michael Zeitlyn, Managing Director for Oakland Innovation, adds: “The food & beverage industry really is facing some fundamental challenges which could change the industry beyond recognition. We are seeing a focus on ingredients and a growing trend towards healthy foods that promote physical and mental health and challenges to existing supply chains and business models. This is all happening against a backdrop of food safety, quality, regulatory and cost pressures. There is now great opportunity for companies in the sector to respond to these changes and they can look for inspiration both in-sector and from outside of the industry where similar technology-led changes are taking place.”

As part of the launch, Zeitlyn is today presenting on some of these innovation strategies at Innovation Fusion 2016 in Barcelona. He will be discussing how and why organisations are harnessing external scientific and technological expertise and capability, and considering the opportunity to leverage emerging capability in key growth markets.

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