What's new in confectionery? An insight from Leatherhead

20 May, 2015

Published in Kennedy's Confection Magazine each month, read about the latest new product insights from Leatherhead's experts. 

Leatherhead Food Research's Mia Naprta, Market Analyst and Hazel Lee, Product Development Scientist, contribute a monthly new product insight column that is published in Kennedy’s Confection Magazine. Click on the links below to download the articles. 

  • August 2015 Insights - The summer theme continues with a Swiss summer edition of chocolate with lemon and lime, a Spanish white chocolate with strawberries and one with Rosemary from Italy. Mia and Hazel also feature a fine chocolate with a spicy finish from Vietnam and what about a white chocolate with citrus and Japanese Sake!
  • July 2015 Insights - Definitely a summer theme this month - Mia and Hazel have selected two special assortments of chocolates with fresh flavours such as strawberry and mint, plus a vegan chocolate with Lucuma sourced from Brazil, an American artisan chocolate, a British buffalo milk choc and an offering with Icelandic milk powder!
  • May 2015 Insights - This month, Mia and Hazel feature another assortment of innovative confectionery products, such as chocolate with whey protein isolate, chocolate crafted using raw Amazonian Criollo cacao and also a bar made with organic cranberries and sweetened with Rice Syrup!
  • April 2015 Insights - Asparagus in chocolate? Bee pollen and mango in a bar? This month, Mia and Hazel’s insights feature a range of new product innovations, with a spring twist!
  • March 2015 Insights -  Just in time for Easter, Mia and Hazel showcase some of the most innovative and unusual Easter-themed chocolate products, including marble chickens, egg sandwiches and jelly bunnies!
  • February 2015 Insights - Looking for unusual chocolate to share with a loved one this Valentine’s Day? Or, wanting to indulge and treat yourself? This February, Mia and Hazel, explore some innovative (and gift-worthy) chocolate confectionery, including Green & Black’s Spiced Chilli Dark Chocolate that features six aromatic spices in addition to the chilli; its red packaging makes it a perfect Valentine’s gift!
  • January 2015 Insights - The new year welcomes new chocolate product innovations in the form of a Milk Chocolate, Mango, Lime and Chili bar, sugar-free truffles, and a Madagascan Red Fruit Bar, to name but a few! Read more about some of the new chocolate products and interesting flavour combinations on the market.
  • December 2014 Insights - Chocolate with a strong taste of Russian vodka and milk chocolate with a cool melting coffee cream filling and hazelnut pieces, are but two of the innovative

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