‘Working together to consider the role of biofortification in the global food chain’ workshop

16 November, 2018

Earlier this year Leatherhead’s experts took part in a workshop considering the role of biofortification in the global food chain. 

Jointly hosted by the British Nutrition Foundation, HarvestPlus and the UK government’s Department for International Development, the workshop discussed the potential of introducing biofortified foods into the UK market.

The workshop included presentations outlining the findings of research into the efficacy of biofortified crops in developing countries. It also examined the current situation in the UK in terms of micronutrient intakes and status, as well as regulatory issues and consumer acceptability insights. 

Emma Gubisch, Head of Consumer and Sensory Insight, presented new research findings on consumer attitudes to using biofortified crops in manufactured products, emphasising that UK consumer research into biofortified crops is in its early stages. She outlined work with six discussion groups, exploring: food culture and the role of nutrition in UK consumers’ dietary choices; how consumers navigate the issue of nutrition; views of foods which are naturally high in vitamins and minerals; and the most engaging terms, concepts, claims or narratives to describe biofortified foods. 

Pretima Titoria, Principal Consultant: Scientific, Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs, presented the different ways to create market demand for biofortified ingredients in the UK. Whilst Oliver Leedam, Regulatory Consultant, summarised the existing legislation relevant to the use of biofortified foods in the UK, the EU and the US.

The findings of the ‘Working together to consider the role of biofortification in the global food chain’ workshop have been published in Nutrition Bulletin.


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