New product development

Balancing the different inputs into new and existing product development or development of specific ingredients can be challenging. Often there are the competing demands of marketing teams and technical or R&D teams which need to be reconciled. Access to an independent, trusted and experienced third party innovator can be valuable to expedite your product development results.

Leatherhead Food Research’s experienced team of food scientists, microscopists and researchers help food and drink companies with every step of the innovation cycle. Our experts can offer assistance from idea generation and prototype/ development, through to scale-up and pre-launch product optimisation, to post-launch product monitoring and maintenance.

We can build a complete picture of ingredients’ properties and functionalities, and advise on their optimal use. We have experience developing a wide variety of products, ranging from beverages and confectionery, to desserts and savoury products, taking into consideration the need for specific textural properties, health benefits and stability.

Our product development services include:

  • Idea generation informed by market, health & nutrition and consumer insight
  • Regulatory and food safety innovation checks
  • Science-based idea realisation
  • Protocept and prototype generation
  • Recipe optimisation
  • Scale-up assistance

Why Leatherhead?

  • Multidisciplinary organisation allowing innovation to be tempered with regulatory and food safety insights
  • Bringing together ingredients, nutrition and microscopy
  • Practical application of a strong science foundation
  • Food/beverage device development through our sister company Sagentia
  • Market and technology insight through our sister company Oakland Innovation


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