Nutrition intelligence

Nutrition is becoming an increasingly holistic term, encompassing wellbeing, free-from and avoidance of artificial or synthetic foods and additives in preference of ‘natural’, ‘kitchen cupboard’ and ‘clean label’ ingredients. Developing a robust nutrition strategy to meet these ever-evolving consumer demands is a difficult challenge and requires a team capable of differentiating between the technically sound studies and the media hype. We can work with you to do just that, as well as determining the next health trend, latest anti-oxidant or protein source to incorporate into your products.

Our team of nutritionists are continually scanning the nutrition landscape to stay up to date on the latest research, regulation and guidance as well as working alongside our product developers and safety experts to understand not only the nutritional impact on the consumer, but what will and won’t work in your products. 

Our nutrition intelligence services include:

  • Strategy audit: an independent critique of your product portfolio answering questions such as: Do you have bias toward indulgent products? Are your ‘healthy’ products really healthy? Are you selling children’s snacks low in nutritional value?
  • Strategy development: working with you to develop a robust nutrition strategy, highlighting areas of opportunity in the market, potential claims and portfolio modifications to access new markets
  • Nutrition intelligence: what science underpins a potential claim for specific ingredients and what is the evidence base that supports their positive press?


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