Process safety – HACCP, BRC

Understanding and conforming to the latest safety guidance, best practice or regulation is an important but sometimes daunting task. Compliance to BRC and HACCP practice is a requirement of many major retailers and manufacturers. An independent assessment of your processes can verify the efficacy of your procedures and help you prepare for or respond to an audit or troubleshoot an ongoing problem.

Our food safety department are focussed on working with you to continually improve the safety and quality of your manufacturing, providing services such as:

  • Auditing: desk based critique and onsite audits for pre-registration compliance to BRC, post audit reviews of non-compliances, or review of HACCP systems and processes
  • Risk assessment: desk based and onsite determination of food safety and spoilage hazards associated with ingredients or processes, to ensure products are safe and achieve shelf life
  • Consultancy: working with you to identify, implement and monitor areas within your safety and quality systems for improvement, including for example, delivering tailored training packages to upskill in-house staff


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