Food & beverage product regulatory compliance

Taking a product to market entails ensuring that it complies with all relevant regulation and legislation. This includes the formulation and specification of the product itself, the legality of the ingredients involved, any claims made about the product and the actual artwork of the product labels. There are sometimes surprising differences in approach across different territories and if you are taking a product to multiple markets then the complexity increases.

Leatherhead’s multilingual team of regulatory advisers help assess the legal compliance of all aspects of your food or beverage product globally. This includes:

  • Multilingual label checks and translations
  • Food and nutrition labelling advice
  • Formulation and specification checks
  • Marketing, nutrition and health claims checks
  • Regulatory compliance of an ingredients list
  • Checks to ensure compliance with deforestation regulations worldwide
  • Help with allergen labelling
  • Novel foods support (including support with dossier preparation)

Why Leatherhead?

  • Truly global service – languages, regulatory knowledge, cultural insight, local nuances, engagement with local regulators
  • One stop-shop for global regulatory services across 150+ territories and 30+ languages
  • Meaningful interpretation of regulation with a view to helping you comply in order to bring products to market more quickly
  • Regulatory advice informed by scientific background
  • Comprehensive suite of services
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