Shelf life assessments

Consumer demand for food with fewer additives, less salt, sugar or fat and with added health benefits while still retaining desirable sensory properties, often leads to the reformulation of products. However, shelf life and stability of these new products may be difficult to predict. Understanding how the science behind your food impacts its shelf life is critical to then be able to extend the shelf life.

Leatherhead Food Research specialises in designing and tailoring shelf life trials to maximise the quality and life of your products. Our multidisciplinary nature means we understand can assess all the factors which impact shelf life:

  • Microbiological safety and stability i.e. spoilage
  • Physico-chemical changes such as rancidity
  • Sensory changes such as loss of texture or change of colour
  • Loss of functionality such as the breakdown of active ingredients

Leatherhead offers a multidisciplinary approach to shelf life determination, tailored to the product and client needs. This includes:

  • Microbiological analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Accelerated storage trials
  • Physical analysis
  • Sensory analysis
  • CIMSCEE modelling for sauces and dressings

We can help you to maximise the shelf life of a new or existing product, from product development stages through to finished product. Accelerated shelf life testing is a useful tool for both new product development and troubleshooting.

Shelf life trials are designed to meet our clients’ requirements, so that all determining factors are considered and tailored accordingly. We have state-of-the-art, climate-controlled chambers for accelerated storage trials, where light, temperature and humidity can be controlled to simulate certain conditions.

Why Leatherhead?

  • We understand all the factors which determine a product’s shelf life and can assess them holistically
  • We can shelf life test existing products
  • We can assist with new product development to ensure shelf life objectives are met
  • We provide practical application of a strong science foundation
  • We are focused on providing actionable advice
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