The battle for consumer truth

How consumer and sensory research is facing disruption

Consumers are the life-blood of the food and drinks industry and must be at the heart of innovation and new product development (NPD). Our Consumer & Sensory Insight services are designed for marketing, research & development, brand and consumer insight teams. We’ll help you to ensure that your brand remains relevant in the face of rapidly changing consumer demands and the rise of challenger brands.

We use sensory science, consumer insight & behavioural economics to understand the dynamic consumer experience and predict how consumers will respond to new innovations and products.


Seven ways to supercharge research and get closer to consumer truth

There has never been greater need for consumer insight. And it has never been so hard to discover what consumers really think. This paradox is driving changes in the way research is conducted, so we can get closer to consumer truth. Increasingly, it involves understanding behaviour – considering what people do, as well as listening to what they say.

The future of waterarrow pointing right

We asked visitors to our stand at the Pangborn 2019 Sensory Conference in Edinburgh to be a product designer and create a new water product for the global market. 

Find out what their most important characteristics where.

Watch our webinar recording now

Is the established consumer and sensory world bracing itself for the future? In this webinar, we will explore the disruption which is taking place, how to utilise technology to its best advantage in research, as well as look to the discipline of behavioural science to help us build fuller and more rounded pictures of human experience. We’ll ask candidly whether consumer and sensory research is fit for purpose in this new age and what we need to do to remain relevant.


Are food and beverage products delighting us?arrow pointing right

What do we think about the food and beverage products on the market?

Leatherhead Food Research’s Consumer Perception Index shows how consumers on the international stage rate the products available to them across safety, price, marketing, nutrition, ethics and satisfaction standards.

Stop making us feel guilty!arrow pointing right

Consumers call for manufacturers to take more responsibility in the war on plastic.

We all know plastic is a growing concern. As more companies make eco-friendly pledges, such as signing up to the UK Plastics Pact, we wanted to know what consumers think about this issue. Are consumers actively looking for products packaged with less plastic?